Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Releases at Kallistra

By Darren Smith
The fine folks at Kallistra have released some new packs for their American Civil War range, Union in Greatcoats (advancing, marching, and firing packs, and the release that has me most excited, the Iron Brigade!

The Iron Brigade release does, however, has me a bit torn.  On one hand, these figures will work perfectly for the majority of the Federal infantry I need for the Battle of Perryville.  However, that also means that they are not ideal for the Battle of Brawner's Farm.  Why not?  A couple of reasons - one, they are not wearing gaiters, which would have been in full use at Brawner's.  Second, the very round hat that I desire for my western boys is not turned up on one side as most of the Iron Brigade would have worn at Brawner's as well.  These figures would work much better for later Iron Brigade troops, such as those at Gettyburg, but even then the gaiters and turned up hat would still be found (see illustration).  So, while I very pleased that my Perryville project will now have troops in the correct headgear, I am a bit saddened that I will not be able to get double duty from these figures.  Yes, I know I don't have to be so anal retentive, and I will probably use these figures for the Iron Brigade regardless, but it would be nice to see another pack from Kallistra that has the Iron Brigade in their more traditional uniform.

But, nonetheless, as soon as the gun teams and limbers are released, I will be placing an order for several packs of Iron Brigade!

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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the missing details. I’m finding that once your figures on the table in mass the small details are forgotten.



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