Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12mm vs. 14mm

In a previous post I had mentioned that the Kallistra figures were closer to 14mm, even posting a picture to show the size compared to a ruler.  Paul at Kallistra has been kind enough to further elaborate on this confusion/discrepancy, and sent along a picture for the blog to settle this issue once and for all. 

Paul's picture:

Click on picture for a larger version
Now, there are two things to take note of.  One, the ruler is of a much higher quality than that old MagWeb ruler I received for free some years ago, which may mean that my MagWeb ruler is actually scaled improperly.  And two, in looking at the MagWeb ruler in the picture from the previous post, one can see that the first millimetre is quite missing!  Could this be the reason why MagWeb disappeared, they were short-changing us a millimetre per ruler?

So, I make an official retraction on my previous stance that the Kallistra figures are closer to 14mm than 12mm.  Like my stance really means that much, but hey, I can correct myself when proven wrong...and in this case quite wrong.

Regardless of the Great Kallistra Size Controversy, I simply love the Kallistra figures, and with the promise of more packs being released and the crackin' good service I have received thus far (in both ordering and in communication), Kallistra has me as a loyal customer, and I promise I am not a sock puppet!


  1. They look fine to me at 12mm tall, like all their miniatures. Could you please post some large photos of the miniatures you bought? The photos on the Kallistra website are way too small to see anything. Miniature companies seem to forget that most of us have larger monitors today with higher resolutions than 800x640! ;-)

  2. CP - I will take some snaps over the next few days and create a separate page here on the blog showing the figs. I believe the size of the pics I can post to the blog should be large enough, yes?


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